Pablo Torrecilla

nosolopau, /nosolopˈaʊ/

Re: the nickname


This is my venerable nickname, which I created when nobody in the Internet used their real names, like 200 years ago. It comes from the Spanish "no solo Pau", literally "not only Pau", which it was just a dad joke related to Nosolomúsica, a pretty popular Spanish TV show about music and altenative culture from the 2000's, hosted by an American.

Pau is the Catalan version of my name, Pablo. I lived in Barcelona for more than 7 years so I adopted it, but I prefer just Pablo. It's kind of amazing that I formed my nickname after a Spanish show with an American hostess, and my own name in another language, and all that many years before knowing I would eventually end up in the US, struggling to explain such a weird name.

Now you know the important stuff.